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Very good insights - there is something for everyone in this workshop.  Just try it out!

Meier Bettina,

Have you ever really experienced love?  For me, attending Meet your Genius sessions is such a powerful experience. I am always searching for words to explain it but I can now say it’s nothing short of love.

Ryan Pinnick knows how to deliver what he does. I can only empathise with those who haven't tried it.

Makeda Anderson,

For those of you who know there is greatness in yourself and want to know what your truth looks like,  I suggest you ally yourself with these guys!

Chloe Bourjalliat,

I have been working towards this day for 50 years and when it arrived I knew my climb to the top of the mountain was no longer going to be a major struggle on my own. I feel like someone has shown me the ski lift and I have been celebrating ever since! I thank Ryan and his wonderful team for arranging the 3 day event that has changed not just my life, my husbands and 3 children's too.  I think what a wonderful world this is going to be when everyone experiences this.

Linda Donaldson,

I suppose I will fall short in describing with words only but I will try my best by using a metaphor; "Noah's Ark" is what I call it. It’s a divine inspired structure where you could literally leave behind you, the world of survival and sail to the world you truly love if you chose to that is. Come on board.

Ensermu Workneh,

Finally it's all making a bit more sense!  Let's do this Ryan!

Jayde F-de,

I can’t recommend this training enough; it has been the most powerful and insightful few days of my life. I was attracted to the training as I had already been using my intuition, however I could not ever imagined how effective and life changing the teaching could be. The room was filled with like-minded individuals ready to embrace what the three days had to offer, this made the environment feel safe and comfortable.

Ryan was amazing, his unique delivery approach added humour to the learning. Sharing his life experience brought a few moments of tears; however these were far outweighed by the laughter he brought to the room. As a presenter he is first class, second to none, I was absorbed by his presentation.

The content of the training itself was distinct and inspiring. The skills I was able to develop and build on added real and valuable benefits to my life. It is not about learning by instruction; it just needs to be experienced to understand its power.

This is the most energetic and impressive training I have ever attended, I looked forward to coming each day and at the end I was left wanting more.

Gráinne Bellenie,

I had an awesomely mind blowing experience at an amazing event called Unleash Your Genius. Hosted by the brilliant Ryan Pinnick. If you ever have the chance to attend one of his events and or trainings, JUST GO!!! You won't regret it. You will nourish your mind and soul to a vibrational frequency of Genius Greatness! Blessings!

Jenessa Qua,

The tools I'm learning are changing my life massively. Even though I only just started my journey, I now know I am finally on my way to the life I always wanted to live. There aren't enough words to express my.  It is definitely not always an easy journey, but I have never felt more certain knowing I am on the right path and most of all: I have never felt more alive!

Elsbeth van der Poel,

Absolutely amazing inspirational fresh different exciting and life changing.  And bloody brilliant fun! High as a kite.  Nothing but positive energy!

Izzie Luczak-Wisniewska,